West Virginia Grassfed Beef

Parting Ridge Farm - Mathias, WV


We are now taking orders for grassfed, grass-finished beef to be picked up from T&A Meats in Harrisonburg, VA in early 2023. Frozen wholesale beef is available by front quarter, hind quarter or half beef (one front quarter + one hind quarter).

Please reference the beef cuts chart to determine which cuts you prefer. A front quarter includes chuck, rib, shank, brisket and plate cuts while a hind quarter includes loin, sirloin, round and flank cuts. A half beef is one front quarter and one hind quarter.

Here are our 2024 wholesale grassfed, grass-finished beef prices. Please note that the beef price is per hanging weight pound and is payable to Parting Ridge Farm. The processing fees are payable to the T&E Meats upon pickup.


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