West Virginia Grassfed Beef

Parting Ridge Farm - Mathias, WV

Welcome to Mountain-Raised Grassfed Beef

Parting Ridge Farm is a small, family farm owned and operated by multi-generational farmers Eleanor Shipe (4th), Kent Shipe (5th), along with Kevin and Jason Shipe (6th). Located on both sides of the West Virginia/Virginia border, a little over 2-hour drive from Washington, D.C., the name Parting Ridge refers to the drainage divide on one of the farm's ridges. Water on one side of the ridge drains to the Lost River onto the Cacapon River and the Potomac River, while the other side drains to the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. Eventually, these two rivers meet at Harpers Ferry, WV.

Our farm has been in the family for over 100 years. We provide grassfed Angus beef by the quarter, half, or individual cut. We have provided quality, healthy beef to the tri-state area for over 30 years.

As seasoned grassfed farmers, we believe in sustainable agriculture, low-impact farming, stream-side fencing, and rotational grazing. Kent has been keen on every aspect of grassfed farming since its inception. We use no growth hormones and no routine antibiotics. Our cattle are raised in lush meadows and extremely remote mountains in peaceful, chemical-free conditions. Our animals are treated gently at all times and learn to trust our care.

We are not looking to become a large corporation. Our mission is to steadily provide quality grassfed, grass-finished beef products throughout the coming years to people like ourselves who believe in a healthy way to live and eat.